Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graduation Day!

It's graduation time already! These last few weeks have been so busy and stressful lately! Here is something funny that happened to me today - The assistant principal sent around a few second graders to collect teacher edition text books. I was having trouble finding my math book with the bar code (we have two copies of the math book). So I was scrambling around the room, searching all my book shelves, trying not to make these kids wait on me. (I hate feeling so disorganized!) It made my day when one of the boys said, "Don't stress yourself out over it! We can wait." :)
Anyway, kindergarten team decided last year that we should take pictures of the set up so we could reference them this year! So here they are - last year's graduation set-up photos!

I didn't get the hallway, I guess, but we had the hallway leading down to the cafeteria decorated too! I'll add this year's photos next week after my kinders graduate! :)

I was so exhausted graduation day, I forgot my camera! My husband is a band director and we went to Washington DC so his band could march in the Memorial Day Parade! (It was amazing!) If anyone is interested, my photos from that trip are on my facebook page and here:

So anyway, we had only 2 kids stay after graduation and only 3 come to school today. And believe me, we put them to work! Here is our classroom now:

And the hallway:

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