Friday, April 27, 2012

Art at School

To be clear - I am not taking credit for the following projects! :) 
These are just too cute not to share! 
The Art Teacher at my school is fantastic! The kids love her and she is so creative!

I have seen this idea on Pinterest several times, but I saw Ms. Kitchen do it first! :) She has a crayon wreath, too! 

Another idea I have seen on Pinterest that Ms. Kitchen did with her students - use the bottom of a soda bottle to make flower prints. So cute! (I also love the way she displays things in the hall! With clips hanging from thumb tacks. Easy to change out artwork!)

Close-up of one of these cute flower boxes!

The Lorax and Earth Day

Our field trip this year was to the movies to see The Lorax! SUPER cute movie, by the way! We went today as a wrap-up to a week or two of Earth Day studies! Perfect! I found so many great ideas on Pinterest and used several in the last week as part of the unit.

Here is the hallway display:

      "The Lorax talks tot he trees."                                          

I found this little guy is on TPT:                 And the Truffula Trees I pulled 
                                                             from this unit (also on TPT):

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ocean Exploration Room

We have finally begun setting up our Ocean Exploration  Room! This Exploration Room will change several times next year (that's the goal anyway) with our different themes throughout the year.
We are just beginning and this is our first room! Please keep in mind that this room is still in progress! But I couldn't resist sharing our hard work so far!

The left shows our reading center - complete with a "reading pool!" The right is a close up of the netting. 
So cute!

These are sitting areas for the reading center - boogie boards and beach chairs. (And of course the pool!) We will also have rafts and beach towels that kids can spread out to lie on!

Next is our science center. Books; shells; plastic, rubber, and stuffed sea creatures; pan balances; wave-in-a-bottle; and sorting cards.

This a cute board (in progress!) above the blocks/building center, which will have blocks, boats, and maybe some creatures.

Next, we have our puzzles center. Right now it appears to be a rug with puzzles on it. (In progress!)

What kind of Ocean Exploration Room would it be without sand and water tables?? We have shells, toys, shovels, buckets, and we plan to have a "sink or float" activity to use at the water table as well. 

The back door with Dollar Tree window gels!

This will be the math center. we have connecting fish, counting fish, magnetic numbers, fish counting books.

This is the art center area. 6 classes will be sharing this room, so we wrapped the walls in paper for our little artists to display their work for all to see! (That paper is actually the same color blue as the bulletin board above, not sure why it came out green here!)

We covered the shelves (that have become junk collectors for 4K and 5K over the last 2 years!) with a pirate ship table cloth and a grass skirt! Cute! (Hey is that Nemo!?)

These are cut-outs that a fellow-K teacher/friend's husband made for us and we had the kids paint them! Look out fishy! :) 

"A Whale of a Tale!"

Smaller fish cut-outs, painted by the kinders!

Another cut-out - the anchor! We used more grass skirts to cover the back of the dramatic play area.And the towels are draped over the back of a dowel shelf. (You can see the other side below!)

The "inside" part of the dowel shelf - dramatic play has floppy sun hats, flip flops, leis, goggles, sunglasses, and we plan to add trunks and sundresses!

Dramatic play will include a restaurant and Shell Shop! This little picnic table will be the restaurant/picnic area!

Pretty net over the Play Doh area.

Water table. (No water in it yet - it leaks. ANY SUGGESTIONS to plug the hole??)

Sand table.

Writing Center

Exciting...wait for it...the bathroom door! :)

 This tank will hold the growing animals. We got some animals that take 96 hours to grow to full size. We are thinking of making a chart for each animal or class so we can all keep track of each others' animals!

 Blocks is below this area.

 Math center also has a Nemo-look-alike! That pink fish on the right is hanging from the ceiling. 

 Personal Writing Area - if anyone wants to make a surprise, or not be bothered while working on a project. 

Ok, more photos of the Ocean Room!!

This lovely sign is just outside the door!

The "ocean" in the hall is just waiting for creatures to swim into it! 

More things have been added to dramatic play! And there is still more to come! 

"Welcome to the Shell Shack!" 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Writing

I found this cute Bee Craftivity on Pinterest: 
They came out really cute!

I found a great website that has lots of different shapes for writing and drawing paper (paper with lines and without). This picture will take you to that site.

I printed off several, just so I would have them on hand and ready to copy. Today, I used the kite pattern. For each student, I copied one kite with writing lines and one without lines. We had been learning about weather and now we are onto plants. I thought, What a Springy way to mix the two! I gave the prompt: "If I plant a seed, I will plant ________." I had my kids write what they would like to plant and then illustrate that on the "cover" (plain) kite. We staples the two together to make a mini-book and added a streamer for a tail!
They sure make the hallway look happy!

"I will plant a rose for my teacher." (How sweet is that?)

"I will plant a apple tree."

Our teacher cadet from the local high school!  He is doing a great job helping us out int he mornings!