Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Writing

I found this cute Bee Craftivity on Pinterest: 
They came out really cute!

I found a great website that has lots of different shapes for writing and drawing paper (paper with lines and without). This picture will take you to that site.

I printed off several, just so I would have them on hand and ready to copy. Today, I used the kite pattern. For each student, I copied one kite with writing lines and one without lines. We had been learning about weather and now we are onto plants. I thought, What a Springy way to mix the two! I gave the prompt: "If I plant a seed, I will plant ________." I had my kids write what they would like to plant and then illustrate that on the "cover" (plain) kite. We staples the two together to make a mini-book and added a streamer for a tail!
They sure make the hallway look happy!

"I will plant a rose for my teacher." (How sweet is that?)

"I will plant a apple tree."

Our teacher cadet from the local high school!  He is doing a great job helping us out int he mornings!

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