Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kindergarten at my school does a turkey disguising project. We send home a sheet explaining what to do and invite families to work together to help hide Tom Turkey so he won't be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner!
These are a few of the turkeys I got in!  The sign says "My name is Tom Turkey and I;m afraid as I can be! I'm wearing my disguise so you won't catch me!"

We got a hunter, two Santa Claus turkeys,

 a pine cone turkey, 

a super star, two cheerleaders, and several more!

 Another project I do each year is a hand print turkey. I paint each child's hand brown and let them make a hand print. while paint dries, we talk about what it means to be thankful and then I let each child tell the class what they are thankful for. Then we write our sentences and attach the turkey papers to them. Lastly, I let my kids add feathers and draw on a beak, wattle, feet and eyes. 

This was something that was kind of spur of the moment. The class next door to me used brown bulletin board paper as a square background for the pilgrims they colored. As my assistant was going down the hall to get the brown paper, it hit me - we could make a Mayflower to use as a background for our pilgrims! :)