Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome to the Hive!

I was a bad, bad blogger last year as I transitioned to a new state, new school, new apartment...but I vow to do better this year!

I am starting this year off with my classroom reveal!

My bulletin board in the hall (I got that pocket chart HERE)

The inside of my door (I have not yet decorated the outside - I am waiting on a special sign with my name on it!)

View from the door

Turn to the right to see the restroom, word wall, and those gray shelves are cubbies for book bags, lunchboxes, and jackets

Better view of those cubbies and my desk (I know that clean look will NOT last long!)

My personal books (some of them), class pictures, and unit binders

Word wall and my instructional assistant's desk

Counter space with my new mini-fridge

My mom made that stitched picture for me when I started teaching

Puzzles tucked under the counter with my super-cute bee RUG

 Math center - that yellow square outline will gain a new numbered bee each day of school and will become our 100 Days of School chart

The door to the playground and our writing center shelf

Reading center
 Reading buddies

The instructional assistant will teach small groups here, including guided word work

Dramatic Play and Computer Center

I must have missed my listening center - it's under the Daily Five wall there on a trapezoid table, but this is my calendar and white board

My area - for small groups and planning

The schedule (tomorrow I am going to post the "specials" classes with velcro on the window) and attendance chart

Close up of the awesome little chalk-board buckets I found at Target in the dollar bins 

I am loving my theme (maybe I can expand on it throughout the year or for next year!) and I am looking forward to this brand new year with my new crop of kinders!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New School Year, New School!

Well, I have had a VERY busy July, August, and September! Very late in July my husband was offered a job as the band director of a much bigger school in a MUCH bigger area in Durham, NC! I got lucky that there was still positions open and I was able to interview - and get new shoes, as I drove the almost 3 hours and realized I was wearing flip flops for driving and had forgotten to grab my cute wedges for my interview! - and I was offered the kindergarten position that very day! Yay! :)
It's a beautiful school - only 8 years old! 
So I am now a Creekside Eagle! (Before, I was a Petersburg Eaglet!)

So there we were, in August, no where to live yet and 2 new jobs. We stayed with a friend for the first week of school! Thank you Nick and Allison! (There's another cute story - my husband is friends with Nick, the fellow band director and I went to school with Allison! Makes you realize how small the world is!)

Now we are in our new apartment - I'll tell you one thing, it's hard to go from a house to an apartment  We have a house worth of stuff and now we have an apartment and a storage unit!

I miss my friends from Petersburg, but we are keeping in touch via facebook. We had a great time at one last lunch together in August before school started back. 

So, now I'm making new friends at work, I've already met more neighbors than I did in 4 years in SC! I guess apartment people are different than neighborhood people! :)

An exciting part of being in a new school is that I am in a new classroom - that means I get to decorate/set up a whole new area for teaching new kinders! 

Here is our hallway display:
Green and Yellow Creekside Eagles!
Dramatic Play Area

Birthday Wall 

First week books 

Calendar and Weather Panda (my class named him King Fu Panda Bear!) 

Student work display area 

My Pete the Cat display

 Teacher's Desk

Student Journals and reading Center shelf 

Reading buddies 

Computer Center

Puzzles area

Writing and Math center shelves and work cubbies 

Play-doh, cars, blocks 

My small group area 

My class pictures 

A few photos of my kiddos!

Batman is in my class! :) 




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