Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day

I couldn't decide on the many ideas I had for Earth Day this year, so I did two projects with my kinders.

The Lorax is an awesome story and has a great message for Earth Day.

I have the original book The Lorax, of course, but I also have two other books that are have the character The Lorax in them. 

All of these books are great. And of course, there is the movie, which I personally loved. Our kindergarten field trip was to see The Lorax in a theater last year. 

So what I did with my class was I used this freebie from a blog I found through Pinterest. 

I copied mine on plain old white paper though so that the kids could color it on their own.
We re-read The Lorax (original) and I asked them the question that the book leaves you with: What would do if you received the last Truffula tree seed from the Onceler?

And these were the results:

"I will plant a Truffula tree and I will plant it behind my house and I will take care of it and I will water it."

"I would plant it on tow. I will water it. I will let it get sun."

The other idea I came across was one where the kids make a hand print Earth.
Cute, but next time I will use a lighter blue......

This is where the book "How to Help the Earth by The Lorax" came in. We also read other nonfiction books about taking care of the earth.  
"I will say "Please do not throw trash on the Earth!" "

"I will turn off my lights when I go."