Monday, April 2, 2012

New Centers!

I'm not sure what inspired the activity for sure (Pinterest, probably), but here it is! 
An alphabetical order/letter-sounds center activity! This could be used either way.

I got the poster board at Dollar Tree (2 for $1).

I got the letters from Dollar Tree and the library card pockets from Oriental Trading Company. 
 I just used a glue stick to attach the pockets to the poster board and again for the letters. 

I doubled up the Q &R and X &Y for lack of space (my logic was that there won't be very many Q or X words.)
This center can be used for sounds for the students who need that and also alphabetizing words for the students who are ready for that. I will add photos of the center once it's in place next week! 
I am thinking of using craft sticks with pictures attached for the sounds activity and sight words on craft sticks for the alphabetizing. any ideas? :)

Math center Update:

I got the idea for Skip Counting Posters from Pinterest. I just made my own, though. I didn't download them.

I got this idea from Pinterest, too - using dollar store photo albums for flash cards! Brilliant! 

These geoboards have been in my office storage for who knows long! I finally remembered them and pulled them out for my math center. My kids really enjoy making shapes and letters!

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