Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hopping into First Grade!

Sooo, here we are. The last two weeks of school! (My class graduates kindergarten on May 29th! Oh my!)
We LOVE the Froggy book series in our room! (If you are unfamiliar with the series, I highly recommend any and all of them and guarantee that you and your kiddos will fall in love that little guy as we have!)
This picture will take you to an author profile for Jonathan London and all things Froggy!

We have been reading the Froggy books all year long, and I put out my summer read aloud basket a few weeks ago and the kids were particularly interested in one book called Awesome Amphibians!
So, we read Awesome Amphibians and a few more Froggy books and then made our very own frogs! (I got the frog pattern from a friend and fellow kindergarten teacher at my school.) So I had my kinders color their giant frogs as morning work and then write a story about the frog (or toad, as some of them noted the bumps on the picture!).

 "My frog is jumping on a lily pad and it went in the water."

"My frog is loving the water because it lives in the water. If it doesn't go in the water, it will die." 

"My frog is poison. Do not touch my frog because it's poison". 

I couldn't resist sharing this, too! I was assigned a School Buddy this year since it is technically my second full year. This is what I found on my door handle last week. :) 

 So cute!

And this my message board that I use to display some of my gifts from my students! I also added my School Buddy's note! :)

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