Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ABC Countdown to Summer!

Each year we do a Countdown to Summer with ABC's! 
Here is a link to the letter and calendar we use.  ABC Countdown to Summer Calendar  ABC Letter Home

I haven't been as camera-crazy this year as I have in the past, but here are some pictures of the recent ABC Days. This also collided with my school's Relay for Life Spirit Week, so we are have a crazy week!
These are the 4 kids who dressed for Tacky Clothes Day!

(I love this one!)

So, Spirit Week said it was Tacky Day, but our ABC Countdown said it was H Day - Hawaiian Day!
These 4 cuties and I (and Pete the Cat!) dressed for Hawaiian Day!

We have ABC Countdown to Summer journals that we do each day and I wanted to share this one in particular. I had shared my photo album from when my husband and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon 2 years ago.  I showed them the black sands beach we visited and explained that the black sand was really lava from the volcanoes. 
This child drew himself on the black sands beach (I love the palm trees!), with a speech bubble that says: HAWAII!

Here we are again - this time doing the Hang Loose symbol!

The Kindergarten Team!! Love these ladies! :) 

I - Ice Cream Day!!

The deal was each student got to make their own ice cream sundae, but first they had to draw a picture of it and complete the sentence "I like ____ ice cream."

Our ABC Countdown overlapped the Relay for Life Spirit Week. So Friday was K Day - Kindness - and also Hat Day for spirit week. Here is a picture of my class all wearing hats! (And of course, we picked out a hat for Pete to wear too!) For Kindness Day, we had a competition to see which student could be "caught" being kind the most. The deal was they couldn't run and tell us that they had done something kind, they had to get caught! It made for a pretty great day!

O Day is Outrageous Outfit Day! Keep in mind that Spirit Week was just last week, so the kids had just had a Tacky Day. *sigh, so only ONE student was brave and went all out with Dory and me! Thank you sweetie! :)

Sooo, next year, I will anticipate Spirit week (our ABC Countdown was planned first!) and I plan on borrowing this idea I found over at What the Teacher Wants!
Looks like they had a blast! ;)

I added our W Day to a new post! It was a WILD day! :)

However here is our X Day! X stands for X-citing Surprises!
The first X-citng Surprise was a pinwheel! We put them in the book baskets like this:
and every now and then throughout the day, we would say "The wind is blowing!" or "Is it windy in here?"

 and the kids would blow on their pinwheel and make it spin!

The next X-citing Surprise was a silly straw with a single serving Hawaiian Punch packet. (We didn't actually do this today with the water bottles, maybe we can get more for field day!?)  I got the idea from Pinterest. They used a Koolaid packet with a card that said "Have a Kool Summer! :)

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