Friday, May 11, 2012

The End Is In Sight!

Oh my goodness - it's already the end of the year! (Or should that be FINALLY the end of the year!??) :) 


I can't remember where I downloaded this butterfly template from (I am pretty sure it was Pinterest, but I can't find the pin). The person who shared it showed it with an ending sound (Ex: ell) on the butterfly's body and the student wrote a word with that ending on each of the four circles (Ex: shell, bell, well, tell). Then, students put the butterfly together! 
I tweaked the activity for use during math time - I assigned a number to each student and they came up with number sentences to make that number! It was fun!
 6 = 2+4, 4+2, 3+3, 5+1

 8 = 5+3, 3+5, 6+2, 4+4

 I have added to my color wall a little bit and I plan on making it better for next year. I got paint samples from Walmart for each of my colors to show my kids that "purple" can be all different shades!

 My collection of fake flowers from this spring. :) Sweet.

A few more Ocean Room photos! This was Pajama Day!

These cuties set up the sand table in a cute way! They left it for the next class to view! How thoughtful! ;)

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