Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ocean Exploration Room - Kids!

So, the Ocean Room is finally complete! And the kids have been going for a week! --They LOVE it! 
Hula girls 

Going to the beach

making fish from play-doh

Making a marina out of blocks

Pete got to visit this marina!

More pics!

Ones of the classes put a "growing" turtle in some water for us to all watch over the next few days!

Nancy wrote a note for us (meaning the 5 other classes) and wrote a few quotes from her students. I added one of mine today!

These two sweet girls are reading together in the reading pool!

These two are hard at work in the Creation Station! I can't wait to see their completed projects - they had to leave them to dry until next time. 

 These two were having a picnic and dancing at the beach! :) 

The writing center - two kids are "fishing" for letters and writing each other notes!

The Creation Station - hard at work!

How cute is she?! She made flip flops from construction paper, pipe cleaners, and star fish stickers!

Remember those turtles and other animals we put in the water to "grow?" Well here they are a week later!

These are the live fish and snails!

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