Monday, February 20, 2012


The 4 B's 

*Be a good listener
*Be kind to everyone
*Be safe
*Be the best you can be
These rules are posted near the door to the classroom and are easily see from anywhere in the room, especially the carpet area.


Students should always respect the teachers, each other, and themselves, not only in the classroom, but all the time. Respect is an underlying theme in the 4 B's rules. It is respectful to listen when others are speaking, it is respectful to be kind to others, it shows respect to yourself to be safe and to be the best you can be.
These rules are very general and therefore imply a lot. To be a good listener, students must understand the importance of others' thoughts and ideas; raise their hands to add a thought or ask a question; and be patient and wait their turn. This classroom will always be as fair a place as possible for everyone involved. 


Discipline Plan

Behavior Calendar:
Displayed in the classroom will be a pocket chart with a pocket for each student. All pockets will display a 
greencard to begin with.
If rules are broken (after an appropriate number of warnings):
The student will have to change their card to 
yellow and they lose 5 minutes of play time.
The second offense will result in changing their card to
orange and they lose all of their play time.
The third offense changes the card to 
red and parents will receive a phone call. 

I also believe in rewarding for good behavior, so if a student does something above and beyond, they can change their card to purple. This means that they have done something  really spectacular. Purple is the best color a card can be! Purple is also special because it can cancel out a yellow (which can help out on prize box day!).
Each Friday, students who remained on green all week will get to choose a prize from the prize box at the end of the day. 
In the back of the daily folder, there will be a behavior calendar. This will be marked daily so that you can see exactly what color your child was on at school that day. (If it was not green, you may need to find out why from your child! Children can learn a great lesson in taking responsibility for their actions here.) 
If you ever have any questions, please feel free to "contact us" on the left sidebar. 

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