Monday, February 20, 2012

Color Days

At the beginning of every year, we spend about two weeks learning colors. We do this with our Color Days. We send home a paper letting families know what colors we are learning about on what days: 

On the following days wear the color indicated as we learn all about colors!

Tuesday, Sept. 6 -- Blue
Wednesday, Sept 7 -- Green
Thursday, Sept 8 -- Red
Friday, Spet 9 -- Orange

Monday, Sept 12 --Purple
Tuesday, Sept 13 -- Yellow
Wednesday, Sept 14 -- Pink
Thursday, Sept 15 -- Brown
Friday, Sept 16 -- Black

Monday, Sept 19 -- White
Tuesday, Spet 20 -- Favorite Color

It's really neat to see 100 + kids all wearing the same color playing on the playground! 
Next year I am going to use Pete the Cat to assist me in teaching the colors!

Here are a few things I plan to use:  (You can click on the picture or the link below)

Teachers Pay Teachers is a FANTASTIC site with TONS of ideas: Here are the Pete the Cat ideas

My Pinterest Board: 

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