Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bridal Shower

This entry is not related to kindergarten or school at all, but more about a party I am planning for a great lady I know! 
So, my friend Brandy is getting married September 23! She lives about an hour and a half away from where my husband and I live, and she helps out with his high school band (Go Tribe!) a lot! I got together with some of the band parents and other friends here and we decided to throw a semi-surprise shower for our friend! (It's a semi-surprise because this year, Brandy has other work arrangements that are not allowing her to be at band camp as often as she has in the past. So I had to tell her part of it. She knows it's happening, just no specifics!)

Brandy and Shaun's wedding colors are black and white, so my decor is mostly black and white. It will be outside at a friend's house (Thank you Beth!) who has a beautiful backyard area!
I got all the little goodies - plates, cups, plastic tablecloths, and even the favors - at Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree!

These are the favors I've put together. I got the idea from (you guessed it!) Pinterest and just tweaked it a little to make it less expensive for myself!
I bought all this - emery boards, nail polish, 
and hair ties and then put it all together as a
 cute favor for the shower guests!

These next pictures are of the activities I have planned for the shower:
As people arrive, I will give them a card to give the bride and groom advice.
When the cards are filled out, I will tie them together with ribbons, like this:
I  added a few embellishments to the cover page of the "advice book."

As I was using the glitter glue on the hearts and the G, the lid kept touching the wet glue and messing up what I was doing, so I put a rubber band around it to hold the lid down. Just a little trick that dawned on me,. Thought I'd share! :)  

This isn't an activity, but is my gift to the couple and will serve as a centerpiece for the entrance or gift table.

This is a traditional game: "How well do you know the bride?"  

Every bride needs a tiara! :)

 While at the beach this summer, I saw a "redneck wine glass." It was a red solo cup mounted on a glass candle stick holder. They sell them in souvenir shops for $6.95! I thought, "I can make that!" And I did! The candle stick holder was $1, I got a sleeve of the purple cups for $1, I got a roll of black ribbon and a roll of white for  47 cents each, and I had the sticker letters in my scrap-booking drawer! (they spell out "Mrs") Some hot glue and viola! A pretty and slightly silly redneck wine glass!
So, these are the fruits of my labor! I laid everything out before packing it up to take over the party sight! It's going to be a great party! 

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