Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Wonderland

You may remember that last spring, my fellow kindergarten teacher friends and I created an Exploration Room for our kids to visit as an enrichment room. Our first Exploration Room was The Ocean Room. You may view that here, if you wish! :)
Well, we are hard at work again! This time the Exploration Room theme is Winter Wonderland. We are creating this room so that our kids can explore the wonders of winter/the arctic with hands-on activities, through reading, and math manipulative activities!

Dramatic Play Center

                               A Ski Lodge with a restaurant.
plenty of scarves, gloves/mittens, and even ice fairy wings!

Art Center - packed with art supplies!
Craft sticks, cotton balls, cotton swabs, buttons, paint, markers, pencils, colored pencils, paper towel tubes, stencils, stickers, crayons, construction paper, magazines, scissors, and I'm sure I am forgetting something!

The art center also has a large area (with snowy hills) for displaying art work!

This table is between the Writing Center and the Blocks Center. It holds a matching/concentration game with mittens at the moment. (We'll see how long it lasts!)

The Science Center holds a balance, magnifying glasses, consumable science magazines, and magnets.

 The Blocks Area.

Writing Center - complete with pencils, paper, colored pencils, pre-made blank books, scissors, stamps...
 ...and for the boards - chalk, dry-erase markers, and magnets.

The biggest project (which took months of collecting/preparation) was for our Reading Center.

Our milk jug igloo! 
Who wouldn't want to crawl in there and read a book?
(Special thanks to Elizabeth Moss for putting the majority of this together!) 

 Another big project (Thank you Nancy Plyler!) was this amazing 3-D snowman for the Winter Wonderland door! 

3-D all teh way! Plastic carrot nose, real sticks for the arms, and a real scarf! AWESOME!!!

A few more decorations...plenty of snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. 

Gel snowflakes and spray snow on the window.

Kids enjoying the Winter Wonderland Exploration Room! :) 
 Reading Center in the igloo.

 Art Center

 Welcome to the Snowflake Inn!

 Play-doh shapes

Writing center - ice fishing for letters, chalk snow scene drawing, and much more!

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