Friday, January 18, 2013

What if I was in a snow globe?

This was the prompt I gave my class in writing one day last week. I asked my students if they knew what a snow globe was. Only about half knew what it was. When we began describing it, I had several "Ooohhh!"s.  I showed them the shape that a snow globe is - a big circle with a trapezoid base. I had my kinders think about what they love to do in the snow (which takes some imagination since we don't really get snow in our little section on SC!). They got to share their idea out loud, something I don't always allow for fear of idea-snatching! ;) I then encouraged extra hard beautiful hand-writing, good spacing, and periods.
The next day, I had my kids put on their coats and hats and gloves if they had them and sit on the rug. (What?) Then I read two winter stories at a time and had the kids act out what they wrote! 
I took the photos with two kids and cut them apart as you will see below (to save paper!).

Then, I cut the pictures super close and glued them into the snow globe!
Lastly, I let the kids finger paint show!

Pinpirations found here! Thank you so much!

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