Friday, October 19, 2012

How do you reward the really good parents?

With our new literacy program, we have been doing a letter a day. We also send home name tracing practice sheets for those who have trouble. 

(Click on the photo below to get to the site I use. It's great for names and sight words; anything really!)

One of the students who is still working on his name had something in his folder today that made me smile. He had notebook paper pages that had letters (his mother had made dot-to-dot letters pages for her son to practice on), one for each day to go with our letter a day studies. I asked the boy about it and he smiled and said his mama helps with his letters each night.
I told him I was so proud of him and that he has a good mama.
I then used some little award cards I have and wrote one out for the boy and one for the mom! On the line that says "for," I wrote "Being a good mom!" I put both of these awards in his daily folder along with 2 lollipops.

How do "reward" a super parent in your classroom?

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