Friday, October 19, 2012

Apples and Fire Safety!

I have several pictures from the last month, but I have been so busy!
So I am combining things from my apple unit and things from fire safety week.

During the week of Johnny Appleseed's birthday, I had my class complete a graph: Which color apple do you like best? I do this every year. However, thanks to Pinterest, I added a fun twist and hallway display! (

We used bulletin board paper for the tree trunks and leaves.

I had the kids use white paper and draw an apple. Then color it the color of the apple they prefer.

The tree graph came out great! The poem at the bottom came from Mrs. Jump's Kindergarten Blog (

 We also made Johnny Appleseed hats and we wrote each child's name so that the hats say: "Taylor Appleseed" or "Gracie Appleseed" - they though that was GREAT!!!

The local fire department visits our school each year and the kids get to go to stations set up outside (thank goodness the weather cooperated!) This little guy is trying on the firefighters' coat to see how heavy it is. 

 These two are feeling how heavy the air tank is.

And the hose!

 ("Firefighters help animals get out.)

 ("Firefighters are brave.")

Made a cute hallway display!


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    1. I'm so glad! Thank YOU for letting me know! :)

  2. Hi! What does the apple poem say? Deanna's link is inactive. :-)

  3. It says "Apple tree, Apple tree, Oh so tall. Which apple do you like best of all?"