Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School Gifts for my Team

I have been busy this summer, but I always have time to think about (shop for, pin about, etc) school! I don't always ONLY think of my students, though. My team is a HUGE part of the reason I get through the year. I need them to bounce ideas off of, give me ideas, vent to, listen to, hug on a tough day, hug on a great day, etc. I LOVE my kindergarten team: Angela, Nancy, Elizabeth, Janie, and now, Anna! (We will miss Lynn, but know she is enjoying retirement!!)

I saw a list on Pinterest (which I did not pin in order to keep the girls from seeing it! Go me - if you know me, you know that shows great restraint!) and tweaked it slightly. I got these adorable "teacher journals" and most of this stuff at the Dollar Tree!
So, in the caddies (I figured the teachers could use these as lunch caddies - maybe I'll personalize them! - or whatever if they so choose!) each of my friends will find:
a journal, lotion, vitamin c drops, back and body pain relief pills, a nail file, lip balm, a mirror, hand sanitizer, mints, and a slap bracelet for fun! 

 I wanted the basket to contain USEFUL, but not strictly SCHOOLY things. Does that make sense? We all get enough tissue boxes in the beginning, so I left that kind of thing off the list. I added their names to the baskets with metallic sharpies and gave my gifts to each of the ladies on the first official workday before school started back. 

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