Friday, March 8, 2013


Our Exploration Room is back! This time our theme is plants, creepy-crawlies, and all things spring!

Our adorable reading center!

The flower shop: Petersburg Petals!
There are also wings and antenna headbands to dress up as bugs!

Hopscotch rug between reading and the math and puzzles shelf.

Science center complete with snakes, bugs, frogs, a pond, balances, magnifying glasses, and real bugs in acrylic. 

Blocks center complete with a barn, farm animals, and trucks.

Grass growers - one for each class. I think we'll go with a little green guy. I will let the kids name it and we can see which class can grow the tallest "hair!"

Art Center

Our door! 

 Adorable little planters! 
We named ours Alvin!

Planting a garden!

Working at the flower shop!

Reading buddies

He is making the shapes on the bucket.

Spring Fling in effect!

The art wall!

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